Event Hosting opportunities

Fermentana may be the overall organizer of Bozeman Craft Beer Week, but it is our vibrant community of breweries, restaurants, bars, distributors, and beer lovers that make this week-long craft beer celebration the best in the state! In 2018, this 8-day beer bash organized by Fermentana featured a collection of 27 beer-centric events organized and hosted by breweries, restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout Bozeman with nearly 4000 participants attending events. In addition, this annual event received the support of 48 businesses in our community. In its third year, Fermentana plans to continue to grow and improve Bozeman Craft Beer Week with even better, high-quality, unique, and intriguing events.

Craft beer events throughout the community are the focal point of Bozeman Craft Beer Week. By hosting an event, you will bring craft beer enthusiasts to your local businesses and have an opportunity to share your appreciation for our craft beer culture with them at the same time. You'll expand your customer base, while giving your regulars something to celebrate. 

We encourage businesses to host events which fit them and their vision for craft beer. Possible event ideas might include a beer-food pairing, beer tasting, beer yoga, beer and painting event, beer games, a beer book reading, or a beer history seminar. The possibilities are endless!

If you are a local business interested in hosting a Bozeman Craft Beer Week event in 2019, send us a message and we’ll be in touch!

Ready to plan your event? Send us a message!