Volunteering for Craft Beer Week is the Best Decision you'll make this Spring



Our Beloved “Beer Intern”

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn how #BznBeerWeek intern Kelsey’s interest in craft beer led her to a greater appreciation of community and some incredible beer adventures along the way.

Being a craft beer week volunteer has some obvious perks. You get a free passport for the week which includes some great discounts at select sponsor locations. Passport holders are also the lucky few who can enter to win our giveaway.

Not convinced to get a passport yet? The prizes so generously donated by our sponsors include a brand new kegerator, Pelican coolers, gift cards, craft beer week swag and more!

You’re might be thinking, “Well then I’ll just buy their awesome t-shirt for $20 and a passport for $10 because my money is going to a good place and I’m not motivated by a free t-shirt like I was in college.”

But volunteering for craft beer week is so much more than free stuff and helping us make craft beer week happen.


When I volunteered for craft beer week the first year, I was looking for opportunities to be more involved in my community. I think I actually found the sign up to volunteer by googling something lame like “fun volunteer opportunities Bozeman.”

I found the craft beer week website and was like, “Hell yeah, volunteering and drinking beer sounds like my kind of jam.”

I was only available to volunteer at the Brewed on the Fly event that year. Since I signed up too late to go to the volunteer info pick up party, Jesse (#BznBeerWeek co-founder) met me at the event and had a shirt and passport waiting for me. I expected to have more responsibility, but we just sold craft beer week swag, stamped passports, and answered basic questions from a FAQ sheet that was provided to us. I used my passport to get a discount on a beer and watched some awesome fly tying. It couldn’t have been an easier volunteer gig.


The next year I signed up for a few events that worked with my schedule. I met some incredible people, drank beer, and witnessed what can only be described as a true feat of beer athleticism when this man (pictured right) dominated the beer mile in jeans.

That week also led me to where I am now. For those of you who don’t know me, I am helping Jesse and Loy with craft beer week and my official title is, “Beer Intern.”

Yeah, it is as cool as it sounds.

I try new beers all the time, assist with craft beer week and I spend my time getting to know beer pals like you. And all of that is because I took 2 hours out of my day 3 years ago to stamp passports and wear a rad t-shirt.

Volunteer Pro Tips

If you’re shy, grab a pal and pick an event that you are both available to volunteer for.

It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up, drink beer, and watch some interesting events.

Sign up for events that you are interested in spectating.

Volunteering is not admission to an event, so make sure that you don’t volunteer for any event you want to participate in.

Bring a water bottle and eat beforehand.

Some of the events will not have water available, so make sure that you come prepared. If you intend to drink, do so responsibly and add water to your intake. And believe me, the food pairings will leave you drooling at the volunteer table, so make sure you eat before you show up.

Sign up for events that appeal to you.

I am deathly afraid of people throwing up. If you are like me, do not sign up for the beer mile. The event was a blast and absolutely hilarious, but one of the participants violently threw up for 30 minutes which left me totally useless. So take my advice and make sure you understand what the event is before you sign up.

Got questions?

Head over to our volunteer info page to learn more about how you can help your community and drink beer. Read all you need to know and are ready to sign up? Click the button below and get to volunteering!