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5 Steps to Survive Craft Beer Week

Craft beer week is finally here!

To help you get the most out of the week, we’ve put together our very own #BznBeerWeek survival guide. Read on to get some pro tips on making this this 8-day beer bash!

#1 Drink Water

Alright, we know this dude isn’t drinking “water” but you get the point!

Alright, we know this dude isn’t drinking “water” but you get the point!

We cannot tell you this enough - drinking water should be your #1 priority during craft beer week! Want to survive the week? Drink water! Want to have less hangovers? Drink water! Not only does water help with processing all of the alcohol you’ll be consuming, but it helps with weight loss and prevents hangovers.

#2 Keep your Passport handy

Haven’t picked up your passport yet? We can help with that!

Haven’t picked up your passport yet? We can help with that!

The Craft Beer Week Passport is full of great info about all of the events and discounts at some of the locations. So make sure that you have it with you as you go to our events and spend time around town. Volunteers will be on hand at all the events to stamp your passport, so keep it handy and use it to track all of the fun you’ll be having. Then, don’t forget to turn in page 31 so you don’t miss out on your chance to win one of the amazing prize packages in this year’s #BznBeerWeek Giveaway!

#3 Try Something New

The 2019 Collaboration Beer is a good place to start!

The 2019 Collaboration Beer is a good place to start!

Craft Beer Week is the perfect time to discover what our local beer scene has to offer. We all have a favorite brewery with a favorite beer, but this week is a great chance to get out there and be spontaneous.

Here’s a suggestion: Start by visiting Outlaw Brewing to taste the 2019 collaboration beer!

This week is also a great opportunity to try participating in new events (think Beer Olympics or The Bozeman Beer Mile). The last couple of years, you might have been a watcher, but be brave and participate!

#4 Try the Buddy System

Everything is more fun with friends!

Everything is more fun with friends!

Whether you are participating in an event, volunteering, or going to a brewery - grab a pal! The reason craft beer week exists is to grow our community! So, get out there and drag your friends to the brewery. Take advantage of the amazing places you visit and interesting people you meet.

#5 Meet Someone New

Beer people are some of the best people you’ll meet.

Beer people are some of the best people you’ll meet.

Our local brewery owners, brewers, taproom managers and their teams are some of the raddest people in Bozeman. So take the time to say, “thank you,” and learn their names. You might learn more about the breweries you love and get some insider secrets.

We wish you a safe, fun, and happy 3rd Annual Bozeman Craft Beer Week!

Craft Beer Week Survival Tips


… because making it through 8 days of craft beer events isn’t for the faint of heart (or liver)!

Bozeman is gearing up for its FIRST Craft Beer Week and now's the time to prepare! To help you get through these eight days of Bozeman beer awesomeness, we’ve compiled some tips so you can enjoy this inaugural event week responsibly, and, in all its glory.

#1 Pick up your guide

First off, head over to Dee-O-Gee, the Bozeman Taproom, or MAP Brewing to get your #BznBeerWeek Passport. Not only is there over $100 worth of discounts contained within it's pages for you to cash in on, but you also have a chance at winning over $2500 in prizes. Plus, the Passport is also your complete, pocket-sized, stamp-collecting guide to the week! If you can't make it to one of the brick-and-mortar sales locations, remember, you can also order online.

#2 Get a handle on the week

There’s a LOT going on during craft beer week, so take some time to take it all in. Peruse the events in your Passport or the online event schedule to carefully construct your Google calendar for the 8-day beer-stravaganza that’s about to descend upon our wonderful little mountain town!  

#3 Make a plan

After you’ve planned out which events you’ll be attending, create a schedule of who’s driving on what days, what time you’re heading out, and where you’re going to have dinner.  If you’re from out of town, make sure you’ve got a solid place to stay, so you can recuperate each evening. There are still rooms available at Element in Downtown Bozeman too! Find out more about the special discount they’re offering craft beer week attendees here.

#4 Get around safely

While craft beer is important to us here at Fermentana, our other two core values are community and collaboration. We care about keeping our community and everyone in it safe, so make plans to get a safe ride home.  

We’ve got Uber in the valley now, so download the app now. Set it up with your card information right away, then you’ll be ready to call an Uber after enjoying a night full of craft beer events.  

The Greater Valley Taxi also has the schedule for the week and will be extra prepared to give rides throughout Craft Beer Week.  You can call them in Belgrade at (406) 388-9999 or in Bozeman at (406) 587-6303. You can also reserve online.

Of course, if you’ve got a friend that’s an absolute saint, they can always be your sober driver, too. There’s also the option of gathering a group of your friends and taking turns driving each day. That way everyone gets to enjoy the week!  Whatever you do, just remember to drink responsibly and stay safe!

#5 Eat.

It seems obvious, but when you’re in the middle of eight days of craft beer celebration, sometimes the details (like eating) can slip by.  

One way to fully enjoy Bozeman's craft beer scene and ALSO make sure you eat is to head to an event that features both! Go figure! We’ve got a few beer and food pairing events happening during the week, so consider attending one.

Bar 3 Brewing & BBQ in Belgrade will be offering beer appetizers paired with their delicious brews during their Happy Hour Beer & Appetizer Pairing event on Sunday, May 7th.

On Tuesday, May 9th, Montana Ale Works’ will be hosting their Collaboration Beer Pairing Dinner. This event will feature the Craft Beer Week collaboration beers each paired with some amazing small plates. Get your tickets for that event soon, as Ale Works’ beer dinners notoriously sell out!  

Finally, the end of craft beer week brings us MAP Brewing’s Beer + Bacon= Brunch! Sounds awesome, right? Tickets for this exclusive, four-course beer pairing brunch are available for purchase online.

And remember, many of our other event hosts also offer amazing food you can enjoy while you’re getting your craft beer fix, so take some time to check out all the great food available throughout our community.

Another great way to prepare:  Take the time to head to the store this week to stock up on some healthy snacks and hearty breakfast items. Your morning-after self will thank you!


If you’re coming from out of town, the elevation can sneak up on you!  And even for us high-altitude beer drinkers, the Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts can catch us off guard from time to time. The trick to avoiding this is to STAY HYDRATED!  

Now is the time to treat yourself to that nice S’well or Hydroflask water bottle you’ve been eyeing. Fill it up on your way out the door and it will keep you hydrated all evening.  

At events, don’t be shy about asking for water in between your beers, too.  Remember, that water will also keep your palate nice and fresh for tasting so many new beers!  And many of our event hosts offer half-pint options as well, which is a great way to pace yourself.  

#7 Make the most of your days

It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful week, so take advantage of the nice weather and breathtaking scenery the Gallatin Valley has to offer!  Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast, make a cup of coffee, go for a little afternoon stroll after work. Or, if you’re visiting, take that hike or spend the morning fishing one of our local trout streams. Then, head back into town and get ready to raise a pint with your friends at your favorite craft beer events!

Good luck, have fun, and we’ll see you around town! Cheers.