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Our community makes Bozeman Craft Beer Week possible

Some beer experts say that successful breweries are the mark of a thriving community. Here in Bozeman, we'd say that's certainly the case. We currently sit at 9 operating breweries within city limits with another 2 in Belgrade, and an additional 2 more are poised to open in the Gallatin Valley later this year.

Built on a wealth of community support, Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a product of this burgeoning beer scene and the many local businesses which support it. In 2018, a total of 48 local businesses and organizations (including 11 local operating breweries), up from 32 businesses in our first year, signed on as sponsors at varying levels for our second annual craft beer week and we couldn't be more grateful for their support. 

This week, we'd like to share with you a little about what each of our top level sponsors had to say about why they are involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week! After reading what they have to say, we hope you'll stop by these participating establishments and tell them you appreciate their support of craft beer week. Because without them, this weeklong community craft beer bash wouldn't be possible!

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Co-Presenting Sponsor

Blane Woodfin - General Manager @ Sidewinders American Grill

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?

"Craft beer is a huge part of Sidewinders. We have 76 draft beers on tap and try to support as many Montana, and more specifically Bozeman, breweries as we can. We knew that when we were building our restaurant we needed something that set us apart. We take our role in the beer community seriously, so why should anyone else be the co-presenting sponsor other than Sidewinders. Local beer is an integral part of community events in Bozeman and we are excited to be a part of that!"

What beer can't you live without?

"Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. It was the beer that introduced me to craft beer."


Sourdough Level Sponsors

Emily Eynon - Events Coordinator @ Bridger Brewing

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"Bridger Brewing is involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week because of the community that the craft brew industry has founded in Bozeman. Bridger Brewing encourages the creativity, friendships, and perseverance that are continuously developed in the craft beer industry. We support the growth and future of craft beer!

What was your favorite part of craft beer week last year?
"Our favorite part of craft beer week last year was witnessing the exciting energy from our customers during our stein holding competition. To see friendships - old, new, and some made over a beer just mere moments before the competition began, support and cheer each other on and enjoy each others company once the competition was over are friendships that Bridger Brewing loves to be a part of!"

What beer can't you live without?
"Anything brewed at Bridger Brewing, of course! "

Josh Allen - Top Dog @ Dee-O-Gee

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"One of our favorite parts of being a small business owner is being involved in our community in creative ways. Sponsoring and advocating for support of local breweries is one of those ways. Our favorite part of craft beer week is seeing the community support for all the breweries at various events. It's great!"

What's new and exciting at Dee-O-Gee?
"Dee-O-Gee continues to be a local for Bozeman in independent pet supplies and services. We’ve won several national pet industry awards for excellence and we are excited to see Dee-O-Gee expand to Billings, MT this summer!"

What beer can't you live without?
"While we love the classic West Coast style crisp IPA, we’ve recently been digging the hazy New England style IPA."

Jake Gustavsen - Inside Sales/Assistant Manager @ General Distributing Co.

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We love supporting the local breweries because they support us. We are small family-owned Montana business that gets a lot of support from the breweries to help us in our business. So it’s always nice to give back when we can. Last year, we especially enjoyed the collaboration beers from the different breweries."

What's new and exciting at General Distributing?
"We are celebrating our 70th anniversary this year. The company started in 1948, and we are a family-owned welding supply, industrial gases, medical oxygen, and beverage CO2 in Montana. We have grown to 6 locations across the state including Great Falls, Butte, Bozeman, Helena, Billings, and Glendive."

What beer can't you live without?
"A really good IPA! Some of my favorites include Outlaw's Hangin' Judge, Bridger's Vigilante IPA, Bozone's Hopzone IPA, Madison River's Hop Juice, and MAP Brewing's Midas Crush."

Triple Tree Sponsors

Tomas Sluiter - Director of Operations @ Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"As a new craft brewery in Bozeman, we feel it's both a duty and an opportunity to help support other craft breweries, beer bars and the craft beer industry by in large. We weren't in production at the time of last year's craft beer week so our participation was limited. However, we did appreciate the enthusiasm for craft beer that the week illustrated!"

What's new at Mountains Walking?
"We are nearly finished with the Koelschip room and our wood barrels are filling up! More fruited sours are on the way as well."

What beer can't you live without?
"The one in my refrigerator!"

Scott Wilson - President @ CTA Architects Engineers

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We enjoy being able to support local grassroots efforts that make an impact."

What's new with CTA?
"We have a lot of great things happening on the design side, including the design of a couple craft breweries."

What beer can't you live without?
"Tough question . . . let’s just say you can’t live w/o great beer!"

Tucker Kahlberg - General Manager @ Bozeman Brewing Co.

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We choose to be a part of Bozeman Craft Beer Week because it brings the community together over a beloved, local product, craft beer!"

What's new at the Bozone?
"Lots of new seasonal varieties on draft and in cans are on their way, as well as our growing sour program which will soon be packaged in 375 ml bottles with a champagne cork and cage."

What beer can't you live without?
"Gallatin Pale Ale is a universal staff favorite at the brewery that we enjoy drinking everywhere."

Brad Harris - General Manager @ Montana Ale Works

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We love Montana craft beer and the opportunity to teach people about craft beer and the beer of Montana.  Community and regional beers are important to us here at Ale Works."

What's new and interesting at Montana Ale Works?
"We're close to completing construction of our new bar. Stop in soon to check out the new look and have a beer!"

What beer can't you live without?
"I love IPAs!"

The Story Behind Bozeman's 1st Craft Beer Week

Back in early January, we shared a little on the backstory of how Bozeman Craft Beer Week came to be in our press release. However, it didn't tell the whole story.

The idea didn't come as easy as it sounds in the newspaper stories, but instead got its start at a homebrew club meeting (how fitting, right?). Various members and beer-loving friends kept asking me the question from time to time, "Why do Livingston, Helena, and Missoula have a craft beer week and Bozeman doesn't?" 

It didn't make much sense to any of us, but being busy with life outside the club, we just left the idea alone. It wasn't until a couple months later, in early 2016, when I had an epiphany I wanted to dive deeper into community building and engagement work (a strong skill set of mine) that the idea would stick.

We're the women behind Bozeman Craft Beer Week!
Pictured: Loy Maierhauser (left), Jesse Bussard (right)

A week or two later, I'm at the Western in downtown Bozeman sitting at breakfast with Loy Maierhauser (my good friend and partner in organizing this community effort). I told her about my idea for Bozeman's first craft beer week and asked if she'd want to help me make this idea a reality. Being as passionate about beer as myself, she was up to the task. And so in this moment, the beginnings of Bozeman Craft Beer Week began to take shape.

Now here we are ... a ton of hard work and hustle later and with a tremendous outpouring of community support to show for it. We're only a little over two months out from the big event and I know a lot of Montana craft beer drinkers who couldn't be more excited!

Today, I want to give you a chance to dig a little deeper into our story and how this grassroots movement got its start. Over the course of the last few months, we've had the pleasure to sit down with reporters from some of Montana's staple newspapers including the Great Falls Tribune.  To learn more about #BznBeerWeek's origins, read their story at the link below! 

Fermentation + Montana = Fermentana (and happy beer drinkers), Great Falls Tribune

Who knows, maybe our story will inspire you to go out and start something big too!

To you, the craft beer drinkers, the brewers, and all the business owners involved in making this event possible we thank you from the bottom of our pint glasses. Loy and I couldn't do this without you! It's because of you that Bozeman Craft Beer Week is made possible.

So save the dates and we'll save you a beer! 

Jesse Bussard
#BznBeerWeek Cofounder

NOTE:  Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2018 is May 5th-12th!!!!

#BznBeerWeek Update: Collaboration and increasing community support

Brewers collaborate to make special #BznBeerWeek beers 

We are excited to announce that all nine breweries participating in Bozeman Craft Beer Week will be brewing collaboration beers for the inaugural Bozeman Craft Beer Week. These special beers will be released during Bozeman Craft Beer Week and on tap at special events throughout the week. 

Each brewery pairing (or trio) is working together to create a beer recipe which will be brewed in time to be on tap for #BznBeerWeek events in early May. This is the first time collaboration beers have been a part of a Craft Beer Week in Montana. We can’t wait to see what kinds of unique, exciting beers these talented brewers come up with.  Stay tuned for more information on the collaboration beers coming later this spring! 

Representatives from every brewery in Bozeman and Belgrade gathered at MAP Brewing to plan their collaboration beers. 

Representatives from every brewery in Bozeman and Belgrade gathered at MAP Brewing to plan their collaboration beers. 

Bison Level Sponsor Spots Fill Up

Some of you may know our mascot, Weissen the Bison, was named last fall in a “Name the Bison” contest. Because Weissen is making an appearance on much of our marketing this year, we’ve named our highest level of event sponsorship "Bison Level" to reflect this. 

We are happy to say all eight of our Bison Level Sponsor openings have been filled by some incredible local businesses. Three cheers to Bridger BrewingMAP BrewingDee-O-GeeRed Tractor PizzaMontana Ale WorksBozeman TaproomPintPass, and Red Chair Cafe & Bar for their enthusiasm and support of #BznBeerWeek2017. We are thrilled to have them on board! 

If you or your business is interested in supporting craft beer week or hosting an event, there are still plenty of opportunities!  We have many Gold and Silver level sponsorships available.  Click here to learn what each of these levels entails and how you can get involved.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!  #BznBeerWeek is shaping up to be an amazing eight days of craft beer and community events, so spread the word!  Share this blog with your friends, check out our website, and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

You save the date, we’ll save you a beer!