Craft beer week

Inaugural Bozeman Craft Beer Week showcases Gallatin Valley's burgeoning beer scene

Local homebrewers organize eight-day, multi-venue craft beer celebration in southwest Montana

Bozeman, MT (January 10, 2017) - Fermentana is excited to announce Bozeman Craft Beer Week, happening May 6th thru May 13th, 2017. Organized by two avid Bozeman homebrewers, the eight-day beer bash is a grassroots collaboration designed to spotlight the Gallatin Valley's vibrant craft beer community. The week will feature a variety of beer-centric events at local breweries, restaurants, and more across Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana.

Jesse Bussard, a local homebrewer and writer, first formed the idea for the event week after noticing the popularity of craft beer weeks in other towns across the state. With 67 craft breweries in operation to date, Montana currently ranks 4th for breweries per capita in the nation. Feeling the Bozeman-area was long overdue for such an event week with its existing nine craft breweries and more in planning, she sought out the help of fellow homebrewer, Loy Maierhauser, to make the thought a reality.

The duo founded Fermentana, an events promotions company, in May 2016 to oversee the organization of Bozeman Craft Beer Week. From day one, Bussard and Maierhauser had no trouble finding enthusiastic fellow beer lovers and brewery owners who jumped at the idea.

The current list of participants includes Bozeman and Belgrade's nine craft breweries:

  • 406 Brewing Company
  • Bar 3 Brewing
  • Bozeman Brewing Company
  • Bridger Brewing
  • Bunkhouse Brewery
  • Madison River Brewing Company
  • MAP Brewing
  • Outlaw Brewing
  • White Dog Brewing

In addition, local cider maker, Lockhorn Hard Cider, the Montana Brewers Association, developers of the craft beer app, PintPass, and Bozeman's local homebrew club, Bridger Brew Crew, as well as an array of Montana craft beer-supporting restaurants like Montana Ale Works and Red Tractor Pizza, and even a local pet store, Dee-O-Gee, have also signed up to be involved.

“We want to get a diverse range of organizations within the community to have a wide range of things to do,” Bussard says.

“There are so many ways for businesses to participate even if they’re not directly related to the beer industry,” Maierhauser added.

The hallmark of Bozeman Craft Beer Week is the focus on craft, community, and collaboration prevalent throughout the craft beer industry and shared by the venues hosting craft beer-related events during the week. The organizers plan to also publish a passport for the event to offer craft beer enthusiasts special discounts and incentives at participating businesses during the eight-day gala.

So far, events scheduled for the week consist of a collaboration beer project between local breweries, brewery tours, beer and cider tastings, beer dinners, beer releases, and a host of other events with more to come. The Montana Brewers Association's Brewers Spring Rendezvous, as well as a beer brunch the following day, will culminate the eight days of events at week's end.

Fermentana invites all to join in celebrating the best Gallatin Valley's craft beer scene has to offer. For more information regarding participation, events, sponsorship, and other details please contact Bozeman Craft Beer Week at or visit the website 

About Bozeman Craft Beer Week:  Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a grassroots collaboration organized by two avid Bozeman homebrewers. The goal:  spotlight the Gallatin Valley's vibrant craft beer community and all its facets. This 8-day, multi-venue beer bash includes a variety of exciting craft beer-centric events happening throughout the community at local breweries, restaurants, and more. With a focus on craft, community, and collaboration, Bozeman Craft Beer Week embodies the best southwest Montana's craft beer scene has to offer.

About the Organizers:  Fermentana is a fermentation-focused events promotions company whose mission is to develop and grow Montana's local communities through events which intrigue, engage, and excite fermentation enthusiasts. For more information about Fermentana, please email or visit our website at

Media Contact:
Jesse Bussard, Co-Founder