Announcing #BznBeerWeek 2018 dates & Logo Design Contest

Last week, we announced the dates (May 5-12, 2018), as well as the new theme for Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2018 in a LIVE Facebook Video announcement. If you missed our hilarious broadcast, you can get caught up in the video below. (We should note, it starts off pretty ridiculously with a naughty stick llama falling over and knocking over Loy's beer right as we started filming! Totally unplanned!)

In line with our new 2018 theme, "Bold Beer. Big Sky. Beautiful Places," we also need a new logo for the event week which captures both the Gallatin Valley's rich brewery culture and our community's love of wild and open spaces.

So we're asking you, the Gallatin Valley beer-loving public, for your help in the form of a Logo Design Contest!!! If you're a craft beer drinker with a knack for graphic design, then listen up!

The chosen winner gets a small cash prize, some sweet Craft Beer Week schwag, and the glory and recognition of seeing your logo in breweries and restaurants all over town during #BznBeerWeek in 2018.

Click here for full details on contest guidelines.

DEADLINE TO ENTER YOUR LOGO DESIGN IS OCTOBER 31ST!!! So get to work! We can't wait to see the awesome designs you come up with!

Any questions? Shoot us a message.

#BznBeerWeek 2017 Travel Guide

For those of you planning to join us from afar - whether Manhattan, Montana; Manhattan, Kansas; or Manhattan, New York, we are excited to have you here for the Bozeman's inaugural Craft Beer Week.  As you begin to book your flight, reserve your lodging, and plan your week of adventures, we've got a few suggestions to help make your time in the Gallatin Valley as beer-tastic as possible.  So grab your favorite brew and keep on scrolling! Cheers!  


The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport is the hub of travel for the Gallatin Valley.  There are direct flights to Bozeman from Denver, Salt Lake City, Minneapolis, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Dallas, and Chicago, among others.  Many of these flights are offered daily, some are offered weekly (and availability is also seasonal!), so check each airline's website to find out which flights are offered and when.  Alaska, Delta, United, and American Airlines are the most popular commercial airlines arriving daily in the Bozone.  


Bozeman is right on I-90, making it an easy stop for any road trip. If you're coming from the east, make sure to stop and visit our friends in Livingston at Katabatic Brewing or Neptune's Brewery and pick up a growler to bring with you over to Bozeman.  It will be good to have a little craft beer in your hotel with you!  If you're coming from the west, stop by Wheat Montana for a cookie or a cinnamon roll (seriously), and then swing by Missouri Headwaters State Park with your treats for a perfect picnic on your way into town!


We're excited to announce that Element Bozeman, a newer downtown hotel, has teamed up with us to offer a special room rate for Bozeman Craft Beer Week attendees!  The special rate is available only if you book your room during the month of April, and limited spots are available.  If you need a place to stay in Bozeman while you're here for Craft Beer Week, Element is right in the heart of downtown - walkable to many of our event venues as well as the Fairgrounds, which is handy for Friday night's Spring Brewers Rendezvous! Rooms are available for the nights of May 7-13.  Call Element at (406) 582-4972 and let them know you're coming for Craft Beer Week!


The Gallatin Valley is a pretty big place so there's a pretty good chance you'll need a car to explore.  If you're thinking of taking day trips to Big Sky or Yellowstone National Park, there are multiple car rental companies based at the airport.  Bozeman also now has Uber (so download the app if you haven't already), as well as a great local cab company, Greater Valley Taxi. Between the two, they'll get your where you need to go if you're only traveling around town. Finally, there's also an amazing system of trails (find an online map here!) in town that get you to virtually every event venue, so if you can bring or rent a bike, that's a great way to get around too!


If this is your first time to the area (or even if it's not!) there are also many things that are worth sticking around an extra few days to visit and enjoy.  Museum of the Rockies, situated near Montana State University's campus will have a crocodile exhibit with LIVE crocodiles on display!  There's also tons of great hiking less than 30 minutes from Bozeman, including the famous M Trail (offering great views of the valley), Sourdough Canyon, and Lava Lake Trail in Gallatin Canyon, just to name a few.  Plus, the Bozeman area is home to some wonderful hot springs, great shopping, and of COURSE there's Yellowstone National Park, just an hour and a half drive through Paradise Valley.  


  • Comfortable shoes - After enjoying some incredible craft beer, you might need to walk!
  • A coat and a hat - In early May in Bozeman, it could be 75 degrees or it could be snowing... and it could be both of those in one day!  Come prepared for everything!
  • A valid ID - Bozeman is a stickler for having your ID, so make sure it's on you all the time! Legally, you're supposed to anyways!
  • Your favorite brewery T-shirt from your hometown - Spread the Craft Beer Love!!!! 
  • Download Untapped or or Instagram so you're ready to show off your Craft Beer love on social media... and so all your friends back home can be ultra jealous. :) 

So, make your plans and pack your bags... Bozeman Craft Beer Week will be here before you know it!  You save the date, and we'll save you a beer.  


Why be involved with #BznBeerWeek? Our sponsors will tell you!

They say successful breweries are the mark of a thriving community and Bozeman is no different! Bozeman's first craft beer week wouldn't be possible if not for the outstanding community support and participation we've received since we hatched the idea for this 8-day beer bash a little over one year ago. A total of 28 different businesses and organizations (including our 9 local breweries) throughout Bozeman and Belgrade have signed on as sponsors at varying levels to support this event week and we couldn't be more honored to have their backing!

Talking with sponsors at our Launch Party event for Bozeman Craft Beer Week last fall

Talking with sponsors at our Launch Party event for Bozeman Craft Beer Week last fall

This week, we'd like to share with you what some of our top level sponsors had to say about why they became involved with #BznBeerWeek! We reached out to each of our Bison Level Sponsors and asked each of them three questions. 

  • If you were stuck on a desert island and could only have a single beer style, what would it be?
  • Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
  • What's new and interesting at your business?

After you've read their responses below, we hope you'll stop by our sponsor's businesses and tell them you appreciate their support of #BznBeerWeek!

Without them, this weeklong community craft beer celebration wouldn't be possible!

Eric Cade - Owner/General Manager, Bozeman Taproom

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  Saison

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
I think with Bozeman being one of the main hubs of craft beer in the state of Montana, craft beer week is a great way for us to connect with local breweries, the community, and other people from around the state who come to Bozeman.

What's new and interesting at the Bozeman Taproom?
Stop by and check out what Bozeman Taproom is doing for lunch! Half & Half Combos daily $8 lunch specials!

Adam Paccione - Co-Owner/General Manager, Red Tractor Pizza

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  Lager

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
Supporting the community and local businesses are really important, especially in smaller communities like Bozeman.  That’s really our mission here, and that’s why we select only Montana beers to have on tap.  Beer is such an important part of our society, it brings people together.  That’s exactly what Craft Beer Week is doing, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

What's new and interesting at Red Tractor Pizza?
 If you think Red Tractor makes some delicious pizza, vote for Red Tractor Pizza for Best of Bozeman - voting is happening all month! VOTE HERE!

Jason Trueblood - Marketing & Operations Manager, PintPass

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  Hefeweizen

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
PintPass decided to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week because it's going to be a great series of community-focused events that will support and bring together the Bozeman craft beer community.  The Bozeman beer community has traditionally only had a small number of events to attend or be a part of so when PintPass heard about a craft beer week in Bozeman we started to brainstorm how we could be involved.

What's new with the PintPass app?
The PintPass app is gaining traction, we now have 164 member breweries spread across 31 different states!  We recently wrapped up some development changes to the app to help app users navigate more efficiently.  PintPass also recently licensed our Text-A-Beer technology to be used in Major League baseball ballparks starting in April.  We are pumped to be a part of Bozeman Craft Beer Week and to continue supporting local craft beer.

Dash Rodman & Patrick "PK" Kainz - Owners, MAP Brewing Co.

Desert Island Beer of Choice: Pale Ale

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
We chose to be a part of Bozeman Craft Beer Week because it helps to raise awareness about what great craft beer we have in the valley and celebrate it!

What's new and interesting at MAP Brewing?
We are getting ready for warmer weather and will have 14 beers on tap for the summer, live music twice a week, and community events frequently!

David Breck - Owner/General Manager, Bridger Brewing

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  IPA

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
Our brewery got involved with craft beer week because we think it’s highly important for Bozeman. It helps continue to build momentum for Montana’s craft beer industry both across the state and here locally!

What's new and interesting at Bridger Brewing?
We’ve got some new beers coming out this week. The Roosevelt Red Ale is coming back for St. Patrick’s Day on Friday. We’ll also be releasing a new grapefruit-infused IPA soon called Citrusaurus. It’s an unfiltered East Coast-style IPA!

Josh & Holly Allen - Owners, Dee-O-Gee

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  IPA

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
At Dee-O-Gee, we have a love for Montana, a love for dogs and a love for craft beer so, it was a natural fit to be involved with Bozeman's Craft Beer Week by hosting Yappy Hour at Dee-O-Gee.

What is new and interesting at Dee-O-Gee?
We recently added online shopping to www.dee-o-gee.com and launched our new subscription box service, DOG BOX, which sends monthly dog goodies to subscribers!

Brad Harris - General Manager, Montana Ale Works

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  IPA

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
We love Montana Craft Beer and the opportunity to teach people about craft beer and the beer of Montana.  Community and regional beers are important to us here at Ale Works.

What's new and interesting at Montana Ale Works?
On St. Paddy's Day we're having Bayern Brewing here. They're bringing two wooden casks that we'll be tapping and we'll be having corned beef and cabbage with soda bread as a food special to celebrate!

Nicole Morgan - Business Manager, Red Chair Bar & Cafe

Desert Island Beer of Choice:  Pilsner

Why did you want to be involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
Since we’re located in a more neighborhood-heavy area on the west side of Bozeman, we have a very local clientele and we know that eating and drinking local as much as possible is important to our guests.  We’ve built a big following with our craft beer program, with lots of rotating local taps and craft beer pint nights.  We’ve found that in Bozeman, beer is a great way to get more involved in and build up our local community!   

What's the latest buzz at Red Chair? 
Swing by for Happy Hour, from 2:00 - 5:30, 7 days a week, (all night on Sundays).  Come for cocktail, wine, and beer specials!  

The Story Behind Bozeman's 1st Craft Beer Week

Back in early January, we shared a little on the backstory of how Bozeman Craft Beer Week came to be in our press release. However, it didn't tell the whole story.

The idea didn't come as easy as it sounds in the newspaper stories, but instead got its start at a homebrew club meeting (how fitting, right?). Various members and beer-loving friends kept asking me the question from time to time, "Why do Livingston, Helena, and Missoula have a craft beer week and Bozeman doesn't?" 

It didn't make much sense to any of us, but being busy with life outside the club, we just left the idea alone. It wasn't until a couple months later, in early 2016, when I had an epiphany I wanted to dive deeper into community building and engagement work (a strong skill set of mine) that the idea would stick.

We're the women behind Bozeman Craft Beer Week!
Pictured: Loy Maierhauser (left), Jesse Bussard (right)

A week or two later, I'm at the Western in downtown Bozeman sitting at breakfast with Loy Maierhauser (my good friend and partner in organizing this community effort). I told her about my idea for Bozeman's first craft beer week and asked if she'd want to help me make this idea a reality. Being as passionate about beer as myself, she was up to the task. And so in this moment, the beginnings of Bozeman Craft Beer Week began to take shape.

Now here we are ... a ton of hard work and hustle later and with a tremendous outpouring of community support to show for it. We're only a little over two months out from the big event and I know a lot of Montana craft beer drinkers who couldn't be more excited!

Today, I want to give you a chance to dig a little deeper into our story and how this grassroots movement got its start. Over the course of the last few months, we've had the pleasure to sit down with reporters from some of Montana's staple newspapers including the Great Falls Tribune.  To learn more about #BznBeerWeek's origins, read their story at the link below! 

Fermentation + Montana = Fermentana (and happy beer drinkers), Great Falls Tribune

Who knows, maybe our story will inspire you to go out and start something big too!

To you, the craft beer drinkers, the brewers, and all the business owners involved in making this event possible we thank you from the bottom of our pint glasses. Loy and I couldn't do this without you! It's because of you that Bozeman Craft Beer Week is made possible.

So save the dates and we'll save you a beer! 

Jesse Bussard
#BznBeerWeek Cofounder

NOTE:  Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2018 is May 5th-12th!!!!

#BznBeerWeek Update: Collaboration and increasing community support

Brewers collaborate to make special #BznBeerWeek beers 

We are excited to announce that all nine breweries participating in Bozeman Craft Beer Week will be brewing collaboration beers for the inaugural Bozeman Craft Beer Week. These special beers will be released during Bozeman Craft Beer Week and on tap at special events throughout the week. 

Each brewery pairing (or trio) is working together to create a beer recipe which will be brewed in time to be on tap for #BznBeerWeek events in early May. This is the first time collaboration beers have been a part of a Craft Beer Week in Montana. We can’t wait to see what kinds of unique, exciting beers these talented brewers come up with.  Stay tuned for more information on the collaboration beers coming later this spring! 

Representatives from every brewery in Bozeman and Belgrade gathered at MAP Brewing to plan their collaboration beers. 

Representatives from every brewery in Bozeman and Belgrade gathered at MAP Brewing to plan their collaboration beers. 

Bison Level Sponsor Spots Fill Up

Some of you may know our mascot, Weissen the Bison, was named last fall in a “Name the Bison” contest. Because Weissen is making an appearance on much of our marketing this year, we’ve named our highest level of event sponsorship "Bison Level" to reflect this. 

We are happy to say all eight of our Bison Level Sponsor openings have been filled by some incredible local businesses. Three cheers to Bridger BrewingMAP BrewingDee-O-GeeRed Tractor PizzaMontana Ale WorksBozeman TaproomPintPass, and Red Chair Cafe & Bar for their enthusiasm and support of #BznBeerWeek2017. We are thrilled to have them on board! 

If you or your business is interested in supporting craft beer week or hosting an event, there are still plenty of opportunities!  We have many Gold and Silver level sponsorships available.  Click here to learn what each of these levels entails and how you can get involved.

Thank you so much for your ongoing support!  #BznBeerWeek is shaping up to be an amazing eight days of craft beer and community events, so spread the word!  Share this blog with your friends, check out our website, and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter

You save the date, we’ll save you a beer!