#BznBeerWeek Updates

Need Help Getting Time Off Work for Craft Beer Week?

We’ve got your covered.


Bozeman Craft Beer Week will be here soon and we know the week is full of events that you don’t want to miss out on. To make things a little easier, we’ve carefully crafted a letter you can send to your supervisor to make sure that you can make it to all of your favorite events.


We have a full 8 days of events (29 total), so you should be able to make it to at least one. But if we can help it, we’d love to see you more than once. So try out our letter and let us know if it works.

Then get to planning your 2019 craft beer week adventures!

Get Buff for Bridger's Stein Holding Competition

Craft beer week is just around the corner and if you intend to win Bridger Brewing’s 3rd Annual Stein Holding Competition, now is the time to hit the gym.  We’ve prepared a few moves to help you get in shape no matter when or where you work out.


Stein holding requires you to hold a stein straight out in front of you with your arm parallel to the ground.  It may seem like a simple task and might even feel like it for the first minute. But this event is no joke! Once pain from the strain of holding up a stein full of liquid for minutes on end begins radiateing from your arm to the shoulder and down the back you realize this event is not for the faint of heart.  This competition will leave you shaking until your body just gives up on you. Don’t worry, though, you don’t have to show up completely unprepared. We’ve got some exercise tips to help you have the upper hand (pun intended) when it comes to your next stein holding escapade!

Drop and give us 20

Tricep Pushups

Place your hands directly below your shoulders in a plank position.

Place your hands directly below your shoulders in a plank position.

Tricep Dumbbell Kickback

Don’t have weights? Fill up that growler you have at home and kneel on the edge of the sofa.

Don’t have weights? Fill up that growler you have at home and kneel on the edge of the sofa.

Overhead Dumbbell Tricep Extension

A crowler works perfect for this exercise.

A crowler works perfect for this exercise.

Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press

Use a kitchen chair and 2 crowlers of beer for this press if a gym isn’t handy.

Use a kitchen chair and 2 crowlers of beer for this press if a gym isn’t handy.

Front Raise with Dumbbell

The reigning world champ practiced for the event by doing front raises with gallons of water.

The reigning world champ practiced for the event by doing front raises with gallons of water.

Now that you have a few tips, hit the gym or workout at home. we’ll see you Tuesday, May 7th at 5:30pm at Bridger Brewing!

Check out this event and more in our full schedule!

How the #BznBeerWeek Passport Works


Passports are finally here (they arrived from Scout Books last week)!!! Since we’re quickly getting closer to Bozeman’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Week, we wanted to take a moment to give you the rundown on why you should buy one (if you haven’t already).

#1 Your Personal Guide

Think of the #BznBeerWeek Passport as your exclusive personal guide to this very special 8-day beer bash. With over 25 events happening over the course of the week, your passport helps you to plan accordingly and keep track of the events you attend by collecting stamps as you go.

#2 Sweet Discounts

Save your hard-earned cash with discounts offered ONLY to passport holders by our sponsors. This year’s Passport perks include:

  • 2-for-1 Montana draft beers at Sidewinders ALL WEEK LONG

  • Happy hour prices on drinks at The Bay Bar & Grill ALL WEEK LONG

  • Show your Passport @ the Gate during the Spring Brewers Rendezvous and get into the VIP hour for General Admission prices ($10 savings)

#3 Chance to Win Awesome Prizes

Probably, the biggest benefit to having a Bozeman Craft Beer Week Passport is the opportunity to enter in the Official #BznBeerWeek Giveaway. ONLY passport holders are eligible to enter this giveaway which includes some epic prizes, such as:

  • A brand-spankin’ NEW 2-tap Kegerator complete with 1 year supply of CO2 and a 1/6 barrel of any local Montana beer of your choice

  • Pelican coolers (3 total)

  • Gift cards, schwag, and more!

In total, this year, we have nearly $3500 in prizes to give away! You can enter this giveaway by filling out and turning in the entry form of pg. 31 of your passport at any Craft Beer Week event happening during the week.

PASSPORT MOCKUPS 2019-02 (1).png

Now that you know how it works…

Where can you buy one?

Where to buy

You’ve got three options! You can order online or stop by one of the 3 retail locations around Bozeman that are selling them shown below.

Volunteering for Craft Beer Week is the Best Decision you'll make this Spring



Our Beloved “Beer Intern”

Don’t believe us? Keep reading to learn how #BznBeerWeek intern Kelsey’s interest in craft beer led her to a greater appreciation of community and some incredible beer adventures along the way.

Being a craft beer week volunteer has some obvious perks. You get a free passport for the week which includes some great discounts at select sponsor locations. Passport holders are also the lucky few who can enter to win our giveaway.

Not convinced to get a passport yet? The prizes so generously donated by our sponsors include a brand new kegerator, Pelican coolers, gift cards, craft beer week swag and more!

You’re might be thinking, “Well then I’ll just buy their awesome t-shirt for $20 and a passport for $10 because my money is going to a good place and I’m not motivated by a free t-shirt like I was in college.”

But volunteering for craft beer week is so much more than free stuff and helping us make craft beer week happen.


When I volunteered for craft beer week the first year, I was looking for opportunities to be more involved in my community. I think I actually found the sign up to volunteer by googling something lame like “fun volunteer opportunities Bozeman.”

I found the craft beer week website and was like, “Hell yeah, volunteering and drinking beer sounds like my kind of jam.”

I was only available to volunteer at the Brewed on the Fly event that year. Since I signed up too late to go to the volunteer info pick up party, Jesse (#BznBeerWeek co-founder) met me at the event and had a shirt and passport waiting for me. I expected to have more responsibility, but we just sold craft beer week swag, stamped passports, and answered basic questions from a FAQ sheet that was provided to us. I used my passport to get a discount on a beer and watched some awesome fly tying. It couldn’t have been an easier volunteer gig.


The next year I signed up for a few events that worked with my schedule. I met some incredible people, drank beer, and witnessed what can only be described as a true feat of beer athleticism when this man (pictured right) dominated the beer mile in jeans.

That week also led me to where I am now. For those of you who don’t know me, I am helping Jesse and Loy with craft beer week and my official title is, “Beer Intern.”

Yeah, it is as cool as it sounds.

I try new beers all the time, assist with craft beer week and I spend my time getting to know beer pals like you. And all of that is because I took 2 hours out of my day 3 years ago to stamp passports and wear a rad t-shirt.

Volunteer Pro Tips

If you’re shy, grab a pal and pick an event that you are both available to volunteer for.

It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up, drink beer, and watch some interesting events.

Sign up for events that you are interested in spectating.

Volunteering is not admission to an event, so make sure that you don’t volunteer for any event you want to participate in.

Bring a water bottle and eat beforehand.

Some of the events will not have water available, so make sure that you come prepared. If you intend to drink, do so responsibly and add water to your intake. And believe me, the food pairings will leave you drooling at the volunteer table, so make sure you eat before you show up.

Sign up for events that appeal to you.

I am deathly afraid of people throwing up. If you are like me, do not sign up for the beer mile. The event was a blast and absolutely hilarious, but one of the participants violently threw up for 30 minutes which left me totally useless. So take my advice and make sure you understand what the event is before you sign up.

Got questions?

Head over to our volunteer info page to learn more about how you can help your community and drink beer. Read all you need to know and are ready to sign up? Click the button below and get to volunteering!

3rd Annual Bozeman Craft Beer Week boasts 29 events, special collaboration beer

Fermentana releases 2019 event schedule and passport, announces County 6: The Peoples IPA

Bozeman, MT (April 8, 2018) - Bozeman Craft Beer Week is only a few weeks away and beer-loving Montanans and beer-cationers must start considering which of the 29 beer-centric events planned they should attend during the Gallatin Valley’s biggest annual beer bash. Taking place May 4th-11th, Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a celebration centered on building community in year three.

B&W collab beer logo.png

In alignment with this spirit of fellowship, 12 local breweries worked together to create a special collaboration beer to commemorate Bozeman’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Week. Aptly named, County 6: The People’s IPA is an ale brewed for the people of the Gallatin Valley using a portion of locally-grown malt from Gallatin Valley Malt and hops from Crooked Yard Hops. A six-hop blend of old and new school varieties work together in this beer to create a refreshing, flavorful IPA perfect for spring sipping. Craft beer week attendees can expect to find the collaboration beer available on tap and in cans at Outlaw Brewing, the host brewery for the beer project, as well as at participating sponsor businesses and retailers starting in late April through the end of craft beer week.

On April 2nd, 2019 our local brewers gathered at Outlaw Brewing Co. to brew this year’s collaboration beer.

On April 2nd, 2019 our local brewers gathered at Outlaw Brewing Co. to brew this year’s collaboration beer.

Proceeds from events throughout the week, as well as the sale of the collaboration beer, will be donated to Fermentana's craft beer week nonprofit partner, Bozeman Area Community Foundation, to support their mission of connecting people who care to causes that matter to build a better community.

Fermentana rolled out the 2019 craft beer week schedule online the morning of Monday, April 8th, 2019. The following events are slated to take place during the community craft beer celebration over the course of the week:

Saturday, May 4th

  • Big Brew Day: Learn to Homebrew hosted by Bridger Brew Crew at TreaT Cafe / Gallatin Home Brew Supplies

  • May the 4th Be With You: Beer Release Party at MAP Brewing Co.

  • Blending Beer with Barrel-Aged Kombucha at Dean’s Zesty Booch

  • Craft Beer Week Kickoff Party at The Market at Ferguson Farm

Sunday, May 5th

  • Goat Races! at Nordic Brew Works

  • Hop Hole Tournament at Outlaw Brewing

  • Pints from the Past with The Extreme History Project at Bunkhouse Brewery

  • Brewed on the Fly: Fly Tying Competition with Creek to Peak at 406 Brewing Co.

Monday, May 6th

  • Beers & Bites at Bar 3 BBQ & Brewing in Belgrade

  • Pizza & Bozeman IPAs Night at Fire Artisan Pizza

Tuesday, May 7th

  • Stein Holding Competition at Bridger Brewing

  • Tuesday Night Flights at Bozeman Taproom

  • Beer Themed Trivia Night at White Dog Brewing

  • Hops & History Trivia Brew Party with Museum of the Rockies at Montana Ale Works

Wednesday, May 8th

  • The Bozeman Beer Mile at Bozeman Brewing Co.

  • Beer Pairing Dinner with Bunkhouse Brewery at Blacksmith Italian

  • The Bay’s Master Class at The Bay Bar & Grille

  • Cider & Sausage Pairing at Lockhorn Hard Cider

Thursday, May 9th

  • Dee-O-Gee's Yappy Hour with Bridger Brewing at Dee-O-Gee

  • Beers & Bluegrass, Games & Goats with Bozeman Brewing at Red Tractor Pizza

Mead Tasting & Tours at Valhalla Meadery

Friday, May 10th

  • Happy Hour with Julius Lehrkind Brewery at Element Bozeman

  • Crossfit & Beer at True Spirit Crossfit and Yoga

  • Stone Glacier After Hours at the Ram’s Head Tavern at Stone Glacier

  • Sour Beer Symposium at Backcountry Burger Bar

Saturday, May 11th

  • The 3rd Annual Beer Olympics at True Spirit Crossfit and Yoga

  • Spring Brewers Rendezvous presented by Montana Brewers Association at Haynes Pavilion, Gallatin County Fairgrounds

    • Single Six IPA Challenge with Single Six Media (during Spring Brewers Rendezvous)

    • BCBW Awards & Wrap-Up Event hosted by Fermentana (during Spring Brewers Rendezvous)

  • Rendezvous After Party at Bozeman Taproom

Along with the jam-packed events list, Fermentana has also released the official Bozeman Craft Beer Week Passport for 2019 to assist beer lovers with their craft beer week journey. This pocket-sized guide features a full schedule of events and special discounts for passport holders at select sponsoring businesses throughout the week. Additionally, the Passport serves as event-goers’ entry into the Bozeman Craft Beer Week Giveaway which consists of over $3000 worth of prizes from participating sponsors, including a brand-new kegerator and multiple Pelican Coolers each branded to celebrate Bozeman’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Week.

Passport Cover Mock Up 2019-02.png

Have you pre-ordered your passport yet?

Passports are available for pre-order now on our online store. Starting April 15th, passports will also be available for purchase at retail locations including Sidewinders American Grill, MAP Brewing Co., and General Distributing in Bozeman. Now head on over to our events page to view the complete event listings and ticketing info for this epic 8-day beer bash!

4 Tips for a Great Bozeman Beercation

It’s hard to believe, but Bozeman’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Week is just around the corner (1 month to go!). For those of you traveling from out of town, now is the time to finalize those travel plans so you can have the ultimate Bozeman beercation! We’ve planned all of the events and started brewing the beer, we just need you to be here to enjoy it all with us May 4-11! To help you get prepared, we’ve put together some travel tips for y’all. Read on to get the skinny on visiting the Gallatin Valley!

Book your room Early

Bozeman is a destination location, so finding a room last minute can be difficult. The best way to guarantee your spot is to book now.


We recommend The Element for your stay this year. Not only are they located just off Main Street, but they also have the best views of the Bridger Mountains. (Full disclosure: They’re also a longtime #BznBeerWeek supporter and hosting a rad event during this year’s beer week).

Some of the amazing features that make Element a great place to stay include their salt water pool - perfect place to cool off after long days on brewery patios - and a fitness area ( gotta stay fit for the Stein Holding Contest and Beer Olympics!). Did we mention that they are within walking distance of the free bus hub, as well as may amazing drink and food spots in downtown Bozeman?

#2 Catch a Ride

Whether you’re planning to trade off designated driver duties with your friends or hailing a cab, we suggest figuring that out before you get here. Picking straws after you’ve reach the 3 beer max at a brewery is not cool, so make a plan and stick to it. If you plan on catching an Uber or Lyft download the app today. If you like to support local businesses check out Greater Valley Taxi and save their number in your phone. And when all else fails, there’s also the Streamline bus service. Check out their routes to see if any of their bus lines pass by your place. It’s free and you can feel good about getting home safe!


#3 Take a Hike

Bozeman is a center for outdoor activity. Whether you hike, bike, or fish make sure that you plan time to get outside at some point during the week. For some refreshment in the great outdoors, stop by Outlaw Brewing to pick up some cans of this year’s collaboration beer for aprés-fun libations.

#4 Bring a Water Bottle

We can’t stress enough that water is your best friend during craft beer week. Not only does it prevent hangovers, but it keeps you from embarrassing yourself after a couple of big craft beers. We recommend that you buy a new water bottle and grab a sticker from all of the breweries you visit. Start with our sticker in the middle and fill in the gaps with all of the breweries. At the end you’ll have a totem to all of the beer you’ve had!

There you go, beer friends. 4 tips to get your craft beer week plans off to a great start. Now, we’ll leave you to pack your bags and while you’re at it, don’t forget to pre-order your craft beer week passport!

2019 Craft Beer Week Supports the Bozeman Area Community Foundation

Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a chance for our local beer community to come together to not only celebrate Montana craft beer, but also to show how much we care for the community we call home. You may remember, in 2018, we made the decision to add an official beneficiary to craft beer week. For Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2019, we continue this tradition and have chosen the Bozeman Area Community Foundation (BACF) as our benefiting nonprofit for this year. BACF’s mission is to connect people who care to causes that matter to build a better community in the Bozeman area. This is a mission we feel fits well with our vision for craft beer week and will work together with their organization to “build community one beer at a time” with craft beer week in 2019!


We know not everyone may be familiar with BACF, however, they are an organization which has been doing great work behind the scenes in Bozeman and beyond for the over 20 years. Founded in 1998, they have been instrumental in connecting many locals with vital causes that need funding support through grants, special projects, and events. Additionally, nonprofits in the area can count on the BACF for grants and opportunities to engage in collaborative learning.

The most notable program BACF champions is Give Big Gallatin Valley happening May 2-3 this year leading up to Bozeman’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Week celebration. With the help of BACF our community bands together during Give Big Gallatin Valley for 24 hours in order to raise funds for all participating nonprofits. Last year alone, the BACF helped 194 nonprofits raise $1,283,000. That’s a big deal!

In 2019, we are honored to partner the Bozeman Area Community Foundation as our benefiting nonprofit and ride the momentum of philanthropy they have created with Give Big into Craft Beer Week (May 4-11)!

Learn more about Bozeman Area Community Foundation and Give Big on their websites.

Announcing our 2019 Co-Presenting Sponsor

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Sidewinders American Grill again as our co-presenting sponsor of Bozeman’s 3rd Annual Craft Beer Week. Their passion for the local community and for beer makes them the perfect fit for our 8-day beer bash.


Sidewinders is an ideal hub for people who share their love of good beer and food. They proudly boast 76 draft beers on tap and many of them are local favorites. At Sidewinders, they go above and beyond with their world class service to provide the beers you know and love as well as many across the state that you haven’t tried. But don’t take our word for it, go check the place out for yourself! Keep an eye out for more information about the event they will be hosting on May 4th to kickoff Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2019.

A full menu and more info on Sidewinders is available on their website.

Building Community One Beer at a Time

Third Annual Bozeman Craft Beer Week returns May 4-11

Eight-day, multi-venue event week build community one beer at a time in the Gallatin Valley

Bozeman, MT (February 4, 2018) - In 2019, the Gallatin Valley craft beer community will once again come together to celebrate Bozeman Craft Beer Week May 4-11, 2019. Now entering its third year, the eight-day, multi-venue celebration organized by Fermentana will feature 20-plus beer-centric events happening across Bozeman and Belgrade, Montana.

For the third annual event, Fermentana and participating sponsors will donate a portion of the proceeds from select events during the event week to local nonprofit Bozeman Area Community Foundation (BACF). Through this joint venture, the organizers will celebrate the Bozeman area’s robust and growing craft beer scene while also using this local fermented beverage as a tool to give back to the community.


“Beer isn't just beer,” says event co-founder, Jesse Bussard. “Beer brings us closer together. It helps us build community. The establishments where beer is born are focal points of the communities they serve. By partnering with BACF and incorporating their mission into our event’s theme, we're not only able to celebrate local craft beer and our breweries, we’re able to use beer as a tool to connect people with the causes they champion and build a stronger community in the process.”

BACF’s mission to connect people who care to causes that matter to build a better community plays a key part in the 2019 craft beer week theme, “Building community one beer at a time.” Additionally, 12 participating local breweries will work together to brew a single collaboration beer for the week. This beer will be brewed by host brewery, Outlaw Brewing, and available on draft and cans around Bozeman in early May with proceeds from its sale donated to BACF.

More than 40 businesses have pledged their support as sponsors of the third annual event. Furthermore, Fermentana is joined again by Sidewinders American Grill as the Co-Presenting Sponsor. Located on the rapidly growing west side of Bozeman, Sidewinders features classic American dishes with an international flare and over 75 different beers on tap, as well as wines and spirits. In addition, local beverage and welding gas supplier, General Distributing, and beer smart phone app, PintPass, are supporters of the event.


While many events are still in the planning stages, craft beer drinkers should expect more of the fun and interactive events they experienced in Bozeman Craft Beer Week’s past years, as well as the addition of several new festivities. Similar to past years, the Montana Brewers Association's Brewers Spring Rendezvous will culminate the eight days of events at week's end.

Fermentana plans to release the official event schedule in early April. More details on the schedule release and collaboration beer will be made available in the coming months.

Local craft beer fans and tourists alike are invited to join the Bozeman area community in celebrating the best the region’s craft beer scene has to offer. For more information regarding events, sponsorship, or general participation, please contact Bozeman Craft Beer Week at info@bozemancraftbeerweek.com or visit the website, http://www.bozemancraftbeerweek.com/.


About Bozeman Craft Beer Week:  Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a grassroots collaboration organized by Fermentana. Now in its third year, this 8-day, multi-venue beer bash celebrates the diverse and thriving craft beer culture in southwest Montana's scenic Gallatin Valley through beer-centric events at local breweries, bars, restaurants, and more. With a focus on craft, community, and collaboration, Bozeman Craft Beer Week embodies the best our region’s craft beer scene has to offer.

About the Bozeman Area Community Foundation:

Established in 1998, the Bozeman Area Community Foundation is connecting people who care to causes that matter most to them. The Bozeman Area Community Foundation serves the areas of Bozeman, Big Sky, Belgrade, Manhattan, Churchill, Three Forks, and the rural areas in between. Since its inception, the Foundation has distributed more than $2.6 million dollars to 194+ local nonprofit organizations. Learn more at www.bozemanfoundation.org.

About the Organizers:

Fermentana is events promotions company focused on using fermented craft beverages to create positive change in communities. Featuring Montana-made beers, spirits, ciders, and more, Fermentana’s events not only entertain but raise awareness and funds for important social and conservation causes across Montana. Learn more at http://www.fermentana.com/.

Tips to enjoy Bozeman Craft Beer Week

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Craft beer week is almost here. In preparation, we thought we'd share some survival tips to help you get through the week.


First off, head over to Sidewinders American GrillDee-O-Gee, or MAP Brewing to get your #BznBeerWeek Passport. Not only is there over $100 worth of discounts contained within its pages for you to cash in on, but you also have a chance at winning over $2000 in prizes. Plus, the Passport is also your complete, pocket-sized, stamp-collecting guide to the week!

Remember, you'll also be able to pick up your Passport at our Craft Beer Week Kickoff Party at Sidewinders American Grill on Saturday, May 5th!


There’s a TON of events going on during craft beer week (27 to be exact!), so take some time to take it all in. Peruse the events in your Passport or the online event schedule to carefully construct your Google calendar for the 8-day beer extravaganza that’s about to descend upon our wonderful little mountain town!  


After you’ve planned out which events you’ll be attending, create a schedule of who’s driving on what days, what time you’re heading out, and where you’re going to have dinner.  If you’re from out of town, make sure you’ve got a solid place to stay, so you can recuperate each evening.

Our friends at Element Hotel in Downtown Bozeman offer great rooms and service! Visit the Only in Bozeman blog to learn more about Element and other great hotels in downtown Bozeman.


While craft beer is important to us here at Fermentana, our other two core values are community and collaboration. We care about keeping our community and everyone in it safe, so make plans to get a safe ride home.  

You can download the Uber app. Set it up with your card information right away, then you’ll be ready to call an Uber after enjoying a night full of craft beer events.  

The Greater Valley Taxi also has the schedule for the week and will be extra prepared to give rides throughout Craft Beer Week.  You can call them in Belgrade at (406) 388-9999 or in Bozeman at (406) 587-6303. You can also reserve online.

Of course, if you’ve got a friend that’s an absolute saint, they can always be your sober driver, too. There’s also the option of gathering a group of your friends and taking turns driving each day. That way everyone gets a chance to enjoy the week!  Whatever you do, just remember to drink responsibly and stay safe!

#5 EAT.

It seems obvious, but when you’re in the middle of eight days of craft beer celebration, sometimes the details (like eating) can slip by.  

One way to fully enjoy Bozeman's craft beer scene and ALSO make sure you eat is to head to an event that features both! Go figure! We’ve got a few beer and food pairing events happening during the week, so consider attending one.

Check out these beer and food pairing events happening during the week:

And remember, many of our other event hosts also offer amazing food you can enjoy while you’re getting your craft beer fix, so take some time to check out all the great food available throughout our community.

Another great way to prepare:  Take the time to head to the store this week to stock up on some healthy snacks and hearty breakfast items. Your morning-after self will thank you!


If you’re coming from out of town, the elevation can sneak up on you!  And even for us high-altitude beer drinkers, the Double IPAs and Imperial Stouts can catch us off guard from time to time. The trick to avoiding this is to STAY HYDRATED!  

Now is the time to treat yourself to that nice S’well or Hydroflask water bottle you’ve been eyeing. Fill it up on your way out the door and it will keep you hydrated all evening.  

At events, don’t be shy about asking for water in between your beers, too.  Remember, that water will also keep your palate nice and fresh for tasting so many new beers!  And many of our event hosts offer half-pint options as well, which is a great way to pace yourself.  

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Photo credit:  Single Six Media


It looks like it’s going to be a beautiful week, so take advantage of the nice weather and breathtaking scenery the Gallatin Valley has to offer!  Treat yourself to a hearty breakfast, make a cup of coffee, go for a little afternoon stroll after work. Or, if you’re visiting, take that hike or spend the morning fishing one of our local trout streams. Then, head back into town and get ready to raise a pint with your friends at your favorite craft beer events!


2018 Collaboration Beer, Gallatin Valley Lager, coming to taps and store shelves near you!

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Gallatin Valley Lager on tap, in cans around Bozeman

Last week, the Bozeman Craft Beer Week 2018 collaboration beer, the Gallatin Valley Lager, was kegged, canned, and sent on it's way to the distributor, bound for taps and retail shelves around Bozeman! This beer was brewed by 10 of our local breweries to commemorate Bozeman's 2nd Annual Craft Beer Week. Created using locally-grown malt from Bridger Malt House and hops from Crooked Yard Hops, the 2018 collaboration beer is a refreshing, crisp Montana Pale Lager bursting with citrusy hop aroma. 

Breweries involved with this collaboration include the following:

Craft beer week event-goers can expect to find the collaboration lager available on tap and in cans at Bozeman Brewing Company, the host brewery for the beer project, as well as at participating sponsor businesses and retailers starting in late April through the end of craft beer week.

Proceeds from the sale of the collaboration beer, will be donated to Fermentana's craft beer week nonprofit partner, Gallatin Valley Land Trust, to support their mission of protecting open space and creating trails across the community.


Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

So where can you find the Gallatin Valley Lager?

Starting later this week, the Gallatin Valley Lager will be on tap and store shelves around Bozeman, just in time for the kickoff of Bozeman's 2nd Annual Craft Beer Week! 

Check out the following locations to find the 2018 collaboration beer on tap:

The beer will also be available IN CANS AT THE FOLLOWING RETAILERS:

Our community makes Bozeman Craft Beer Week possible

Some beer experts say that successful breweries are the mark of a thriving community. Here in Bozeman, we'd say that's certainly the case. We currently sit at 9 operating breweries within city limits with another 2 in Belgrade, and an additional 2 more are poised to open in the Gallatin Valley later this year.

Built on a wealth of community support, Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a product of this burgeoning beer scene and the many local businesses which support it. In 2018, a total of 48 local businesses and organizations (including 11 local operating breweries), up from 32 businesses in our first year, signed on as sponsors at varying levels for our second annual craft beer week and we couldn't be more grateful for their support. 

This week, we'd like to share with you a little about what each of our top level sponsors had to say about why they are involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week! After reading what they have to say, we hope you'll stop by these participating establishments and tell them you appreciate their support of craft beer week. Because without them, this weeklong community craft beer bash wouldn't be possible!

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Photo credit:  Single Six Media

Co-Presenting Sponsor

Blane Woodfin - General Manager @ Sidewinders American Grill

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?

"Craft beer is a huge part of Sidewinders. We have 76 draft beers on tap and try to support as many Montana, and more specifically Bozeman, breweries as we can. We knew that when we were building our restaurant we needed something that set us apart. We take our role in the beer community seriously, so why should anyone else be the co-presenting sponsor other than Sidewinders. Local beer is an integral part of community events in Bozeman and we are excited to be a part of that!"

What beer can't you live without?

"Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA. It was the beer that introduced me to craft beer."


Sourdough Level Sponsors

Emily Eynon - Events Coordinator @ Bridger Brewing

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"Bridger Brewing is involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week because of the community that the craft brew industry has founded in Bozeman. Bridger Brewing encourages the creativity, friendships, and perseverance that are continuously developed in the craft beer industry. We support the growth and future of craft beer!

What was your favorite part of craft beer week last year?
"Our favorite part of craft beer week last year was witnessing the exciting energy from our customers during our stein holding competition. To see friendships - old, new, and some made over a beer just mere moments before the competition began, support and cheer each other on and enjoy each others company once the competition was over are friendships that Bridger Brewing loves to be a part of!"

What beer can't you live without?
"Anything brewed at Bridger Brewing, of course! "

Josh Allen - Top Dog @ Dee-O-Gee

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"One of our favorite parts of being a small business owner is being involved in our community in creative ways. Sponsoring and advocating for support of local breweries is one of those ways. Our favorite part of craft beer week is seeing the community support for all the breweries at various events. It's great!"

What's new and exciting at Dee-O-Gee?
"Dee-O-Gee continues to be a local for Bozeman in independent pet supplies and services. We’ve won several national pet industry awards for excellence and we are excited to see Dee-O-Gee expand to Billings, MT this summer!"

What beer can't you live without?
"While we love the classic West Coast style crisp IPA, we’ve recently been digging the hazy New England style IPA."

Jake Gustavsen - Inside Sales/Assistant Manager @ General Distributing Co.

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We love supporting the local breweries because they support us. We are small family-owned Montana business that gets a lot of support from the breweries to help us in our business. So it’s always nice to give back when we can. Last year, we especially enjoyed the collaboration beers from the different breweries."

What's new and exciting at General Distributing?
"We are celebrating our 70th anniversary this year. The company started in 1948, and we are a family-owned welding supply, industrial gases, medical oxygen, and beverage CO2 in Montana. We have grown to 6 locations across the state including Great Falls, Butte, Bozeman, Helena, Billings, and Glendive."

What beer can't you live without?
"A really good IPA! Some of my favorites include Outlaw's Hangin' Judge, Bridger's Vigilante IPA, Bozone's Hopzone IPA, Madison River's Hop Juice, and MAP Brewing's Midas Crush."

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Tomas Sluiter - Director of Operations @ Mountains Walking Brewery & Pub

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"As a new craft brewery in Bozeman, we feel it's both a duty and an opportunity to help support other craft breweries, beer bars and the craft beer industry by in large. We weren't in production at the time of last year's craft beer week so our participation was limited. However, we did appreciate the enthusiasm for craft beer that the week illustrated!"

What's new at Mountains Walking?
"We are nearly finished with the Koelschip room and our wood barrels are filling up! More fruited sours are on the way as well."

What beer can't you live without?
"The one in my refrigerator!"

Scott Wilson - President @ CTA Architects Engineers

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We enjoy being able to support local grassroots efforts that make an impact."

What's new with CTA?
"We have a lot of great things happening on the design side, including the design of a couple craft breweries."

What beer can't you live without?
"Tough question . . . let’s just say you can’t live w/o great beer!"

Tucker Kahlberg - General Manager @ Bozeman Brewing Co.

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We choose to be a part of Bozeman Craft Beer Week because it brings the community together over a beloved, local product, craft beer!"

What's new at the Bozone?
"Lots of new seasonal varieties on draft and in cans are on their way, as well as our growing sour program which will soon be packaged in 375 ml bottles with a champagne cork and cage."

What beer can't you live without?
"Gallatin Pale Ale is a universal staff favorite at the brewery that we enjoy drinking everywhere."

Brad Harris - General Manager @ Montana Ale Works

Why is your business involved with Bozeman Craft Beer Week?
"We love Montana craft beer and the opportunity to teach people about craft beer and the beer of Montana.  Community and regional beers are important to us here at Ale Works."

What's new and interesting at Montana Ale Works?
"We're close to completing construction of our new bar. Stop in soon to check out the new look and have a beer!"

What beer can't you live without?
"I love IPAs!"