2018 Best of Craft Beer Week Awards & Giveaway Winners Announced

Wow, Bozeman! What a whirlwind of a beer week it was!

Photo credit: Single Six Media

Photo credit: Single Six Media

Yesterday, we wrapped up craft beer week with our Best of Craft Beer Week Awards and a prize drawing at Sidewinders American Grill! Chosen by the people (that's you, beer lovers), these awards honor the favorite events, beer, breweries, and more craft beer week event-goers enjoyed most! The award winners are as follows:

  • Favorite Event:  MBA Brewers Spring Rendezvous

  • Favorite Beer & Food Pairing Event:  Pie & Beer Pairing at Vino Per Tutti

  • Favorite Brewery:  MAP Brewing

  • Favorite Bar or Restaurant for Beer:  Sidewinders American Grill

  • Favorite Beer:  Gallatin Valley Lager (2018 BCBW collaboration beer)

  • Favorite GVLT Trail:  Drinking Horse

  • Favorite Craft Beer Week Volunteer:  Niki McCormick


2018 #BznBeerWeek Giveaway Winners

Along with the awards ceremony, we also held the drawing for the winners of the 2018 #BznBeerWeek Giveaway at yesterday's wrap-up event. Below are the winners listed in order from Grand Prize through 8th Prize.

  • Grand Prize - Nicole Molloy

  • 2nd Prize - Mary Stone

  • 3rd Prize - Bekah Shields

  • 4th Prize - Patrick Donovan

  • 5th Prize - Riley Slaughter

  • 6th Prize - Lindzee Hahne

  • 7th Prize - Kathy Holte

  • 8th Prize - Niki McCormick

A full list of prize packages, including the sweet kegerator we gave away, is available here.

Congrats to all the winners! And a big thank you to our sponsors, event hosts, and craft beer week lovers who made this amazing beer week possible! We couldn't have done it without you!