Collaboration Beers: Coming to a Tap Near You!

Back in late January, we announced the nine breweries participating in Bozeman's inaugural craft beer week would be working together to brew collaboration beers, especially for our maiden event week. Since that first planning meeting for our #BznBeerWeek Collaboration Beer Project, our local brewers have been hard at work crafting recipes, brewing their collaborative creations, and putting the final touches on these unique beers to ensure they're ready for the big week!


Where the magic happened...

Brewers met at MAP Brewing in mid-January to plan out their collaboration brews.

So what makes these beers so special, you ask?

Well, for one, this is the first time collaboration beers have been brewed as part of a craft beer week event in Montana. Secondly, doing a project like this allows one of the core values of the craft beer community - collaboration - to shine. Our local breweries work together in a lot of ways behind-the-scenes. Through this project, we're able to bring this foundational value to the forefront. Celebrate it. And a plus, you get to taste some truly distinctive beers you may not have otherwise ever had the chance to find on tap!

Our 2017 Collaboration Beer Line-Up

From this joint effort, our brewers have produced 8 very unique and interesting beers for you to enjoy! Keep on reading for a rundown of the exclusive line-up coming to a tap near you soon!

Bridger Brewing & Bozeman Brewing Company
Beer:  Coffee IPA

This India Pale Ale blended with cold-pressed coffee from Ghosttown Coffee Roasters takes a distinct twist on a classic and favored style for many Montanans. A select coffee variety was chosen and head brewers from both Bozeman Brewing and Bridger Brewing worked together to brew the beer in Bridger's brewhouse. Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen issues, Bozeman Brewing was unable to brew their version of this beer, so it will ONLY be available at Bridger Brewing's tasting room during craft beer week.

MAP Brewing & White Dog Brewing
Beer:  Gose

A traditional Gose ale with a fruity twist was chosen for this collaboration. Brewed with salt and coriander, this tart and slightly salty sour beer will be available both at MAP Brewing and White Dog Brewing throughout craft beer week. In White Dog's version, passionfruit lends hints of tropical fruitiness. MAP Brewing will be featuring a variety of fruit-infused versions of their Gose with a new flavor released daily, as well as the base beer on tap all week long! Hear MAP Brewing's head brewer Doug Child talk about this collaboration beer on a recent video we posted on Facebook!

Bar 3 Brewing & Bunkhouse Brewery
Beer:  Lemongrass White IPA

Bar 3 Brewing and Bunkhouse Brewery will be switching things up with their Lemongrass White IPA, a beer which combines the intense hop character of an IPA with the crisp, spicy wheat character of a Belgian-style white ale. Featuring lemongrass, this beer will provide an interesting mix of hop-character and lemony-herbal notes. Try it on nitro at Bar 3 in Belgrade during craft beer week and then head over to the Bunkhouse to compare how the beer differs in flavor, body, and mouthfeel on CO2!

The Trio: 406 Brewing Company, Outlaw Brewing, & Madison River Brewing Company
Beers: Scotch Ale, Single Malt Pale Ale, & Kolsch

For this last trifecta collaboration of breweries, an alternative approach was taken based on the brewers desire to all use a specialty 2-row malt from Skagit Valley Malting. While different yeasts and hops were used for each, the three beers produced share the same malt bill. 406 Brewing Company took an interesting approach to create a non-traditional light Scotch Ale. They imparted smoke into the beer by burning peat in the kettle during the boil. Head on over to our Facebook page to check out the videos we did with 406's owner and brewer, Matt Muth, about their beer!

Two additional beers resulted from this trio collaboration. Outlaw Brewing describes their Single Malt Pale Ale brewed from the specialty malt as a slighty sweet, malty pale ale with lemony citrus hop character.  The Kolsch from Madison River Brewing will be available in both traditional and pepper-infused versions. MRB's brewer Doug Frey plans to infuse several kegs of their Kolsch with peppers to create four varieties of varying heat levels containing poblano peppers. Those most potent versions will also include Habaneros. Beer lovers can find each of these beers on tap at their respective breweries throughout craft beer week.


Do you have a #BznBeerWeek Passport?

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Tasting opportunities

These special-edition beers will be available together at four different events throughout the Bozeman Craft Beer Week, as well as each on tap at their the breweries mentioned earlier. 

Bozeman residents and visitors will kick off craft beer week with a Collaboration Beer Tap Takeover and Kickoff Party at Red Chair Bar and Cafe on Saturday, May 6th. In addition, craft beer lovers will have the opportunity to experience the collaboration beers paired with small-plated culinary creations during Montana Ale WorksCollaboration Beer Pairing Dinner on the evening of Tuesday, May 9th. Tickets for the event are $40 each and available for purchase online.

Mid-week brewers will share the stories behind the collaboration brews during the Brewers Present: Collaborative Beer Pint Night at Bozeman Taproom on Wednesday, May 10th at 6pm. Finally, event-goers will have a last chance to taste all these unique beers at the MBA Brewers Spring Rendezvous happening during the end of the week on Friday, May 12th at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Purchase your Rendezvous tickets online or stop in at 406 Brewing, Bozeman Brewing Company, Bridger Brewing, MAP Brewing Co., or White Dog Brewing to pick up your in-person!

We bet you can't wait to taste these beers. We know we can't!