Building Community
One Beer at a time.

Bozeman Craft Beer Week is a grassroots collaboration organized by Fermentana. Now entering it’s 3rd year, Bozeman Craft Beer Week celebrates the diverse and thriving beer culture in the Gallatin Valley. In 2018, this 8-day beer bash organized by Fermentana featured a collection of 27 beer-centric events organized and hosted by breweries, restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout Bozeman with nearly 4000 participants attending events. In addition, this annual event received the support of 48 businesses in our community. In turn, this celebration strengthened the local love for one of the Gallatin Valley’s favorite fermented beverages.

For 2019, Fermentana will be partnering with the Bozeman Area Community Foundation (BACF) to raise awareness about their initiatives to build community, support local nonprofits, and foster a culture of giving throughout the Gallatin Valley. For nearly 18 years, BACF has distributed more than $300,000 in grants to 100+ local nonprofit organizations. They also support local nonprofits through educational programming, leadership projects, and training opportunities.

Through Bozeman Craft Beer Week, Fermentana and BACF will continue to build upon this community work one beer at time by offering beer enthusiasts fun, exciting experiences that also nurture the spirit of giving that is core to our shared missions. A portion of the proceeds from Craft Beer Week will go back to BACF to assist in their grant-making and educational efforts for the multitude of nonprofits in our local community.